Ashtanga Yoga and Adjustments  

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Ashtanga Yoga and Adjustments  

A unique mini weekend of ashtanga yoga and adjustments with Ryan Speilman. Open to mixed levels of abilities, you’ll  learn how to adapt and adjust postures for different body types. The hands-on adjustments will focus on a range of postures, and is open to both students and teachers. A talented and dedicated teacher, Ryan brings knowledge, kindness and wisdom to all things Yoga. As well as having a deep understanding of the human body, he applies a mindful and lighthearted approach to yoga postures. Jasmin undertook her 200 hour Ashtanga training with Ryan in 2012. 

Saturday 25 April 2020:

Ashtanga Yoga for Stiff Bodies 10:30am to 1.30pm
Advanced Ashtanga for Stiff Bodies. Note, these are Ryan’s words … “Don’t ever ‘ever, ever’ tamper with the Ashtanga Vinyasa series as taught by Pattabhi Jois! It was divined from the heavens and bestowed upon humanity as a flawless creation” !  As you can see, Ryan has a humorous and fun approach to teaching Yoga.

He’d like you all to join him for a blasphemous afternoon. Exploring, modifying and adapting various sequences from the ashtanga system. There will be some fun, interesting and relevant sequences from the first, second and third series. With clear options to make them accessible for all levels. 

Introduction to Ashtanga Secondary Series: 3pm to 6pm
A guided ashtanga second series class using props and modifications for all levels, except beginners of yoga.  There will time to explore some transitions. Expect clear tips and guidance on alternatives, and modifications for different bodies. Ryan will offer space for talks, and learning  adjustments for some of the postures in the secondary series. 

Sunday 26 April 2020:

Hands-on adjustments:  10.00am to 1pm
Hands-on adjustments Workshop. For teachers and interested students. Help your students go deeper, feel better and gain more understanding of how their body moves. Learn how to give the gift of empowering, transformative and safe adjustments that use common sense and work for everyone. A variety of postures will be covered, and this will depend on the participants on the room, this workshops is accessible to both teachers and regular students. 

Booking details

Each session is £50 per person. Or £135 for all three workshops. Please book online in advance. 

Note due to recent changes all of our classes are running online. This course will most likely be pushed back to autumn 2020.


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