Finding your teaching voice

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Workshops

Finding your teaching voice

Saturday 17th November 9.30am to 4.30pm

So how do you find your teaching voice?

This Yoga Continuing Professional Development (CPD) day is to help you as a Yoga teacher to find your unique voice. You will be offered a safe space to explore who you are, and to provide valuable, considered feedback.

Finding your teaching voice, is it really important?
  • Yes, your voice is the best tool to help communicate what you are teaching
  • Your voice is unique to you, and takes time to develop as a teacher
  • It allows you to be you, when you speak others will listen to you in class
  • How you use your voice in class impacts your students learning

What happens to your teaching voice over time?

Over time you may find that you lose your teaching voice, or start to speak in a way that doesn’t feel natural to you.  This is especially true, if you take on other teachers’ way of speaking. For example you might find yourself doing things that you ‘think’ make you sound like a Yoga teacher. Such as quoting from the Yoga sutras, chanting, or using new anatomical terms that don’t fit who you are as a person. This study day will help you to find your own natural way of speaking in class.

Key areas of focus:
  • How to think about your teaching voice
  • Steps to help you find your voice
  • How to sound like ‘”you” rather than someone else when you teach
  • The purpose of the language you use
  • Articulating your voice
  • Time for practice and reflection
  • Safe space for feedback to help build confidence
  • Pair work, support, discussion and learning
  • 6 hours CPD Certificate Registered (with Yoga Alliance)

To book your place please contact Bahia Yoga. Fees for the day are £75 per person. Graduates from Bahia Yoga will receive a £10 reduction from the workshop, please email to book a place.

The teacher

This workshop will be led by Jasmin – Course Director for the Bahia Yoga teacher training programmes. Here’s what she says about finding her teaching voice. “Finding your own natural teaching voice, doesn’t just happen instantly, it takes time. When I first began teaching, I led a class, and it went well, and I enjoyed it as did my students (they came back which was a good sign!). I hadn’t thought so much about the teaching side of things (the focus when I did my TTC was more about developing your own practice). I simply taught everyone what i was practising and knew well. That was kind of it. As a Psychologist I was aware of the voice, and how important it was to be clear with what I was saying, and this really helped. Over time I gradually learnt to find my own voice, like all good things it came with practice and time.”





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