Shoulderstand and Headstand Workshop

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Shoulderstand and Headstand Workshop

9.30am to 12.30pm – Sunday 28th January, 2018 

The Sunday morning’s Yoga workshops is an excellent way to learn Shoulderstand and Headstand  postures. The practice is open to all level practitioners including, newbies, trainees and teachers. A step by step approach will be outlined with key build up poses, and cool downs poses to help warm the body and focus the mind. You will receive handouts, a special video content for self practice at home, plus refreshments. Most importantly you will learn techniques to stay calm and learn to feel stable in the key postures.

Outline of the morning:
9.30am to 10am Introduction – Overview of the morning – followed by warm up and opening.
10am to 10.30am  – Standing Poses and Seated Floor Work to prepare key muscles.
10.30am – 11.30am – Techniques,tips and guidance into Shoulderstand and Headstand.
11.30am to 11.45am – Break with Refreshments and Snack Pots from OutPost.
11.45am to 12.30pm – Discussions, Q&A, finishing with Savasana and Meditation.

Who can join the workshop?
The workshop is open to students of mixed levels of ability, including anyone who has been practising Yoga for a few months. It’s open to students who can ‘nearly’ come into the pose, or students who are fairly new to the pose, but would like to try this in a safe, trusted but playful environment. The workshop is ideal for students who are are generally fit and healthy.

What if I want to learn, but can’t come into the poses just yet?
Please don’t worry if you aren’t able to come into the full postures just yet, you will be guided on how to build up stage by stage. Once you begin to understand the key muscle groups and what parts of the body to warm up, you will work safely with alternative poses, and gradually master variations of the pose. It’s an explorative morning and you will be learning new tips and ideas, and you are more than welcome to attend.

The £45 price includes the following:
Mini handouts on how to prepare and safely come out of the poses.
Self practice video with techniques on how to practice the poses safely.
Hot drink and breakfast pot supplied by OutPost Coffee Shop
Time for Q&A and discussions.

How to book
Please only book on the course once you know that you can attend the workshop, once you have booked a place, no credit transfer or refunds are available. Book here.

Please bring along your own Yoga mat, if you have a belt, some  blocks, bricks and a blanket please bring them too. There will be some equipment available if you don’t have any to hand. Just let us know in advance.

Your teacher
Jasmin remembers only too well in her first few years of practice, how it took her 12 months of regular practice to build up into headstand posture safely and securely. She took her time to learn the pose and is confident to teach this poses for all levels of ability. If you are a regular practitioner of these poses, she will help guide you in the variations of the postures and how to deepen the practice. When you are nervous or don’t know how to step into something with ease and confidence, its often the fear factor of the unknown. Part of the morning will be spent on how to bring calmness to body, mind and breath for a safe and uplifting practice.
Jasmin is the course director of the Bahia Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme.