Jan 2019 Workshops with Adam

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Jan 2019 Workshops with Adam

Saturday 19th January 4pm to 6pm Heavenly Hips and those Tight Bits

The perfect antidote to modern life this first of the Jan 2019, workshops with Adam is ideal for most people. Especially if your daily habits include hunching over iphones or desks. In this workshop we’ll work on increased flexibility in the stiff bits and strength in the weak bits. Though a controlled vinyasa practice with some deeper static elements, attention will be given to shoulders, chest, hips and legs. Finding that fine line between resistance and mild discomfort. Take home some useful ideas on how you can find more balance in you body, and how through some daily stretches you can begin to find a sense of equanimity.

Book your place here, tickets are £35 per person.

Sunday 20th January 10.30am to 1pm The Big One Vinyasa Masterclass

Sunday morning wake up call to enjoy a longer lasting class, The Big One is a long and luxurious, full vinyasa practice, tackling the whole body, especially those niggly tight bits that we often don’t get the time to get deep in to. Expect time to explore poses, understand poses, and acknowledge the sensations of the body

With time for Q&A on alignment and anatomy of common postures. Time for exploring  float backs, handstands, and arm balances. This workshops varies significantly depending on the students present in the room on that day, everyone will be welcome to join in this uplifting workshop.

Book your place here, tickets are £35 per person.

About Adam

With a varied  background from boxing to a law degree, and over 10  years Yoga experience. Adam brings a distinct perspective to his non-dogmatic Yoga teaching.  Adam helps students to gain a unique understanding of their bodies with his friendly and easy to follow teaching style, he’s a popular teacher. His classes feature: intelligent alignment, anatomical precision and creative sequencing that give focus more on mobility rather than flexibility.

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