Learn to teach yoga – 5 steps to TTC


Learning to teach Yoga – 5 steps to TTC. Learning to teach yoga comes with many different layers and challenges, here’s our guide on 5 steps to TTC. Before you think about learning to teach yoga make sure that you are familiar with some of the postures. In addition, gain an understanding of breathwork, relaxation, and meditation.

Ideally, you need a regular practice of yoga, either at home, perhaps some online classes. But most importantly you’d have some practical experience of attending classes with a teacher for at least a year. Here’s our guide on learning to teach yoga – 5 steps to TTC:

1.You need regular practice to teach Yoga

We have a saying… “you can only teach what you practice”. Learn as much as you can, and practice to your heart’s content. Eventually, you’ll have an idea of what you love about yoga and how it makes you feel. Chances are this is what you will want to share with others, and why you’re thinking about learning to teach yoga.

2. Keeping a journal

Keep a journal of your practice. Make notes of how you feel. Yoga is about peeling away layers. Savour each moment, notice the changes you begin to feel in your body, heart, mind, and thinking. Observe the impact of your practice on your day-to-day life. Notice how your interactions with others change. And how your general wellbeing and mental attitude changes as you take up more yoga.

3. Keep reading (or listen to some audiobooks!)

Keep reading, search out books about yoga postures, to yoga history,  breathwork, and classical texts. There’s whole lotta information to absorb, over 5,000 years of history to slowly unpick. Read some of the up-to-date modern texts and listen to some podcasts.

4.Take a foundation course

After your first year or (first few) years of practice,  undertake some additional studying. Attend a foundation course to help build your knowledge base, skills, and understanding. We tend to find students who have completed an initial foundation course, transition easier into ‘learning to teach yoga’. The next step is to continue learning, reading, studying, and most important all practicing.

5. When the time is right

Find a school that fits your schedule and commitments. Take a look at the course structure. Studying intense courses helps to deepen your practice and understanding. 200-hour training courses that run over a longer period of 10 to 12 months allow you time to absorb the information. And offers you more time to transition from practitioner to teacher.

Before you think about learning to teach Yoga, answer the following

  1. Do you have a regular practice? For example, at least once to three times per week.
  2. Asides from online classes – have had a chance to practice in a classroom with a teacher.
  3. Do you know why you want to learn to teach Yoga? What’s your motivation?
  4. Do you have the space and time for learning and practice?
  5. Are you willing to commit to the learning process? Taking instructions and guidance from tutors. Are you able to interact easily with other people?

If you know are ready to take the next steps in learning to teach Yoga – here are some options to consider at Bahia Yoga.

  1. Attend on-going classes.
  2. Or if you already have a regular practice attend a foundation course.
  3. If you’ve been practicing Yoga for more than two years you might like to enroll in the 200-hour Yoga teacher training courses.  

Watch updates for ongoing tips and guidance for learning to teach Yoga series

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