March 2022 Hatha Yoga teacher training


 Our March 2022 Hatha Yoga teacher training course covers all the essential elements to deepen your knowledge and practice of Yoga. From asana, philosophy, meditation, pranayama to yoga anatomy. The course supports you in making the journey from practitioner to teacher.

Teaching Practice

From the onset you will have continuous teaching practice sessions, working in pairs and small groups, which eventually lead to teaching a full group of students. The course provides a good balance for deepening your own practice enabling you to develop your teaching skills.

Yoga Philosophy 

The history and philosophy of Yoga offer practical insight into the development and broader context of Yoga and its transition to the West. Remaining respectful to both traditional and modern-day Yoga styles, we explore yoga ethics, classical texts, and key philosophical ideas.

An essential reality for Yoga teachers in the modern-day world is the business side of Yoga. From lesson planning, legal waivers, to planning classes and finances. You will receive guidelines and support on how to set yourself up, and how to get out there in the big wide Yoga world. 

Lead Teachers 

The courses are led by Jasminder Bahia, who has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years and running accredited training since 2011 in the UK and Spain. She is a Psychologist and student of Zen. Jasmin has completed extensive studies including Classical Hatha Yoga in India, to Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Flow, and Restorative Yoga.

Jake Dartington leads the philosophy and mindfulness sessions, a highly experienced Vipassana meditation teacher, he began his practice in 1995. He trained as a retreat teacher with Christina Feldman at Gaia House and has worked with organisations including Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Bodhi College, London Insight, and Insight LA. Jake has Masters’s Degree in Philosophy, Buddhist Studies, and Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

This in-person 10 Month Weekends only course runs from March 2022 to January 2023, a practical 
200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.  To register your interest please fill in this form.  

March 2022 Hatha Yoga teacher training dates

March 19, 2022, Welcome Day 
April 9 and 10
May 7 and 8
June 18 and 19
July 16 and 17
August 6 and 7
September 3 and 4
September 17 and 18
October 1 and 2
November 26 and 27
December 10 and 11
January 7 and 8, 2023
January 29, 2023, Closing Day 




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