Ryan Spielman X 3 Yoga Workshops Nottingham 2018

by | Nov 6, 2017 | workshops

Ryan Spielman returns to Bahia Yoga for 3 workshops at our Nottingham Studio. Spend time learning from a kind and gifted teacher, who loves to share his passion for Yoga and meditation. A devoted Ashtangi, Ryan is able to make tricky poses accessible for all levels of ability. We are excited to announce 3Yoga workshops running February 2018, in Nottingham,

Workshop 1)
Primary Series – Saturday February 10th 2018 – 10:30am to 1pm
Saturday morning kicks off with a firm favourite – rediscovering the Primary Series. This morning workshop is open to mixed levels of ability, including newbies to Ashtanga. Perfect if you wish to practice the full primary series with a knowledgeable and caring teacher. This workshop is usually popular, so we suggest booking in advance. You will have some time to explore jump back and jump throughs and the elusive Chaturanga Dandasana. Ryan has a knack for making these workshops playful and making everyone feel at ease.
Please book your ticket for £45 here. 

Workshop 2)
Yoga Adjustments for Yoga teachers – Saturday February 10th 2018 –  3pm to 6pm
This afternoon workshop includes an introduction to some of the fundamental assists that can enhance your teaching toolbox and deepen your own personal practice. There will be time to cover core asanas relevant to all styles of practice and have a play with some of the more fun or advanced ones, as well. Note this workshop is only open to Yoga teachers of all styles, including Hatha teachers.  Please bring along a yoga mat, two yoga bricks and a yoga belt. There will be time for Q&A and going over some key postures and time to introduce new poses.
To book this workshop for Yoga teachers click here – £45 fee.

Workshop 3)
Secondary Series Healthy Hips &  Spine – Sunday February 11th 2018 – 10.30am to 1pm
A deeper exploration of the Secondary Series with time for a creative look at how to get into some of the deeper hip openers and uplifting backbends. This workshop will suit all levels of practice, except for a complete beginner. Ryan will make the poses and transitions accessible to all levels of ability. To book your £45 ticket please click here.



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