Satsang what is it?

by | Apr 19, 2012 | news

Satsang is a time where we can explore the other aspects of Yoga which time doesn’t always permit during a usual Yoga class. Having said that you don’t need to be practicing Yoga in order to attend Satsang. Satsang is free and open to our Yoga students and Yoga friends.

Satsang is a chance to learn about meditation techniques, practice Kirtan and talk about the philosophical side of Yoga which can help better understand the peacefulness we feel after practising. It will also give you a chance to ask some questions you wanted to know about Yoga instead of having to read about them by yourself at home. Traditionally Satsang (which means sat=true, sanga=community) comes from Indian philosophy. Part of Satsang involves Kirtan, a call and response chanting – rather like how children learn nursery rhymes at school. The idea is to feel uplifted, have some fun and share this experience with like minded people.

Kirtan involves chants, or mantras, and can sometimes involve the use of instruments such (as a drum) or tabla, or the harmonium and other Indian instruments. You could think of Kirtan and Satsang a little bit like a Yoga jammin session, where we all come together and (from a gentle stillness) create simple sound and rhythm. Bring your questions, your curiosity and more importantly a sense of fun with you.

Our next Satsang sessions take place Friday January 10th 2014 7.30pm and Sunday 12th January 2014 at 7.00pm. All welcome and no fee is payable.

A typical session includes some chanting, meditation, kirtan – time for Q&A, chai & chat. Please inform us in advance via email  to confirm if you are attending. Once registered, we will contact you to acknowledge your email. You are requested not to turn up without prior registration – thank you and Namaste.

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