So you think you want to teach Yoga? 5 pointers to consider

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So you think you want to teach Yoga? 5 pointers to consider  

Now you’ve been practicing Yoga for a while (let’s say at least a minimum of two to three years of regular class attendance) you’ve got the Yoga bug. And the more you do, the more things begin to make sense. You’re curious about Yoga and you want to know, do, learn, and possibly teach. Intuitively you know it’s the right thing to do. Take your Yoga to the next level. Here’s five points to consider which will help you make the decision.

First of all, why not, Talk to your Yoga teacher first? Ask for tips and pointers about their journey to teach, ask for some feedback about your own practice. Your teacher is a great reference point and a good source of support. After all, your Yoga teacher started somewhere, so, start with someone you know well, trust and respect.

Then ask yourself some honest questions

1.Why do you want to teach Yoga?

Be clear about your reasons for wanting to teach Yoga. This helps you to set a clear intention and ongoing commitment to the Yoga teacher training programme. It also you realise which course is the right one for you.

2. What type of course should you undertake?

Practical things such as the course content. Course location, travel, costs, timings and length of the course, are key elements in your decision making process. Avoid committing to a course that does not suit your current life situation. Wait until the time is right to attend.This might be in a few months time, or even a couple of years down the line. Be patient, but also know when to be bold (though not too hasty) with your decisions.

3. When is the right time to begin a Yoga teacher training programme?

When the time is right … this will vary for each person, for example for some trainees it might be waiting until the children are attending school. Or when you have sufficient funds, and time to attend.  Yoga training courses require discipline and focus. You will need time for studying and practising Yoga and learning outside of the course. Avoid trying to squeeze the Yoga teacher training into your life. Make clear space and time, commit to the course, that’s when the time is right!

4. Where should I train to teach Yoga?

You can train in the UK, or Spain, or near to your home whether that is Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, or London. Perhaps it’s easier doing a course that’s  on your doorstep, you may learn better away from your day to day commitments, in which case a residential course will suit you better. The next area to think about is what does the course cover

5. What should a Yoga teacher training cover?

Nowadays there is a plethora of choices, so it’s worth reflecting on what you need to learn. Whilst most Yoga training programmes offer a considerable amount of hours towards the study, practice and teaching of Asana (physical postures).  Ensure that your course has a strong focus on Anatomy and Physiology, to help you understand the human body and kinesiology of the postures. You’ll need to know how to modify and adapt your teachings to different levels of physical ability, and learn to understand the human body.  Especially your own limitations and edges as a practitioner of Yoga.

You’ll want to understand the History and Traditions of Yoga. The key part of Yoga is to focus and still the mind. A course that offers to deepen your knowledge and practice beyond Asana is essential.  Focussing on  Pranayama, Kriyas and Meditation. The basics to any good programme will teach you clear lesson planning and sequencing. How how to teach a class to the public. The course should include the Business side of Yoga. Learning how to promote yourself in a way that sits with your own ethics and style of teaching and practice.

Finally, never forget to ask yourself –  What is it that you love about Yoga? Always be curious about Yoga, keep practising, learning and ask questions! Whilst Yoga is serious, it is also lighthearted and helps you to live life in a more peaceful, fun and hopefully healthy manner. Now – go back to pointer one – Why do you want to teach Yoga?

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