Weekend Immersion Yoga Biomechanics

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Weekend Immersion Yoga Biomechanics

Join Neda in July 2020 for a weekend immersion on yoga biomechanics! This is suitable for yoga teachers and regular students of yoga. Classical yoga asana meets current scientific research, develop a good understanding of yoga postures. And be willing to challenge the usual script. This mini weekend immersion of yoga biomechanics offers a chance to experience desired outcomes in postures.

Yogis with current changes we will keep you updated on all upcoming events and changes to dates / schedule. 

Friday 3 July 2020 

Biomechanics a Variable Approach to Asana: 4pm to 7pm
Begins with an introductory talk on biomechanics and the application to yoga postures.  Followed by a two-hour class exploring and uncovering habitual movement patterns. Revisit some classical alignment rules.  Expect a moving, feeling, and learning party, the workshop is open to both teachers and students.

Saturday 4 July 

Analyse Your Asana: 10 am – 1 pm
Learn the why, which then answers the how, with a brief biomechanics’ breakdown and plenty of practical application. Come with an open mind and learn something new. A reminder all workshops are suitable for teachers and students of all levels.

Hip Dynamics Saturday 2-5pm
Contrary to conventional thought, flexibility and strength can be achieved together. Resist the urge to stretch yourself into common yoga postures, and discover the potential for utilising isometrics in postures. 

Sunday 5 July 

Shoulder-Spinal Potential: 10 am – 1 pm
Simplify all the complex anatomy you may have studied in the past and learn an easier approach. Assess your shoulder strength and learn to assess the quality of movement. And incorporate practices to improve shoulder function, promote change and develop mobility and stability. Enhance your spinal mobility through phases of rest and repetition. At the same time gently and effectively building up to more challenging yoga poses. Experience a departure from conventional cueing! All curious minds are welcome.

Intentional Sequencing: Sunday 2 pm – 5 pm
Explore the art and science of intentional sequencing. Building a clear framework to sequence your classes in a coherent and bio-mechanically sound way to achieve a desired outcome. 

Meet Neda

Neda Shayeghi MSC, ERYT500 is a London based yoga and meditation teacher, educator and studio owner (London Yogalogy). Her unique approach has been influenced by her extensive experience in different movement modalities from her love for dance to martial arts. Her yoga journey started with an ashtanga practice that she picked up when she started university and she was immediately hooked.  Neda’s methodology intends to advocate a sense of mind-body-breath-spirit integration through the somatic aspects of yoga mixed with the latest exercise science.

Booking Details

Please book online via our booking system. Booking for all five workshops is £250 per person. A Single day is £120. If you have any questions please get in touch.



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