Women’s Wellness Classes

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Women’s Wellness Classes

Join in the women’s wellness classes led by our resident expert on women’s wellness Lee-ann. Focussing on how to connect with an inner sense of calmness and creativity.  Helping you to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Yoga poses to help soothe the sacral area, the spine, hips, pelvis and belly. Mindful and creative sequences for stretching, whilst focussing on the breath and create space both mentally, and physically.

The weekly class finishes with an (optional) cuppa ‘chai and chat’, with the other students and teacher. 

Suitable for

  • Women of all ages, different levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome!
  • Pregnant students (16 weeks plus). 
  • For anyone looking at ways to feel creative, relaxed and have space to unwind and reconnect. 

Summer 2019 dates

Mondays June 10th, to July 15th, 2019, from 12pm to 1pm. A note for anyone who is pregnant the government advises women are entitled to paid time off for antenatal appointments (as recommended by their medical professional) this can also includes specialist Yoga classes. Hopefully you can have your lunch break and a yoga class at the same time! 

How to book

Please book online the fee is £11 drop in, or buy a 5 or 10 class pass.

Women’s Wellness Yoga Brunch

For those of you unable to attend a weekday class, join us on Sunday morning 23rd June from10.00am to 12.15pm for a special women’s wellness yoga brunch held at the Pitcher and Piano. Open to family, friends and partners. 

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