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Yoga and Cooking workshop with Beth

Beth from Kiosk will be running her first Yoga themed cooking workshop in January 2019. The emphasis is on healthy and nutritious food, that can easily be made at home. A relaxed paced Yoga class runs before the cooking workshop. The class will include simple stretches, meditation, and relaxation techniques to help the digestive system

What’s cooking?

Learn to create a nutritious homemade hearty cereal base, with no-cook ingredients. The base for this breakfast cereal is vegan; wheat and nut free, yet packed with flavour. Learn to create three unique recipes from simple ingredients. You will make the following dishes:

1. Perfect overnight ‘soaked oats, using the breakfast cereal as a tasty textural topper, full of flavour.
2. Nutritious yoga breakfast ‘energy balls’.
3. For recipe number three, there’s healthy flapjacks (no-cook and using the same base).

9am to 12.30pm on Saturday 26th January, 2019

09.00 to 09.45: Yoga with meditation to aid digestion and healthy eating. This class is suitable for everyone.
09.45 to 10.15: Breakfast followed by an introduction to the session.
10.15 to 12.30: Let’s get Cooking!!

The first dish the overnight soaked oats will have been made the day before, and you’ll get to eat a scrumptious pot for breakfast after the Yoga class. There’s also a takeaway version for you to enjoy at home the next day.

All the ingredients are supplied for this cooking workshop. Bring a pen, notepad and pinny.

As well as saving money, you will pick up some healthy eating habits by learning to cook with ingredients that you can use time and time again. Learn to add in different flavours to keep things tasty and fresh, without spending a fortune. This is an interactive workshop and Beth will be on hand to guide you as you create these wonderful dishes.

Booking for the workshop

Please use this code to receive a discount: COOK2019 – The first ten places will be offered at a reduced rate of £35 per person – there are still a couple of spots left for the reduced rate.  Thereafter the workshop is £50 per person. Please book early as places will be limited for this event.





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