Yoga and Poetry Workshop

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Yoga and Poetry Workshop

Saturday 4th May 2019  – 11am to 1pm 

A special event in conjunction with Nottingham Poetry Festival. A unique ‘Yoga and Poetry workshop’ led by Nikki a poet, performer and Yoga teacher. This session is open to all levels including beginners to both writing and Yoga.

11am Yoga Class

This class is suitable for everyone, including anyone new to Yoga. Expect a gentle hatha inspired class, with relaxation and nurturing stretches. All postures can be adapted, and modifications will be offered throughout the class.

12pm Writing and Poetry

You will be guided throughout this session by Nikki. The Yoga class helps to create a space for stillness which will encourage ways to explore writing.

Booking for the Yoga and Poetry Workshop

Tickets are £15 each. Tickets are limited and will be offered on a first come first basis only. Please note the venue is located on the first floor with steps leading to the studio. Please contact us if you have any queries, we will be happy to help.

The facilitator

Nikki is a registered Dramatherapist, who has worked with vulnerable groups using art for over 10 years.  Dramatherapists channel communication through theatre, storytelling and performance arts. Nikki is an advocate on movement for health, having practised yoga for over 12 years, completing her teacher training with Bahia Yoga in 2017. “I believe that mindful movement is imperative for health. It’s not about ‘getting the moves’ it’s about feeling the moves, feeling what is right for you, at that time, in that moment.”

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