Yoga at Nottingham Contemporary

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Yoga at Nottingham Contemporary 

Saturday 18th April. 11.30am to 12.30pm.

Join us for yoga at Nottingham Contemporary for an uplifting and calming morning of yoga, breathwork, sound and relaxation.

Yoga Sound Movement: Grounding

The sessions at Nottingham Contemporary focus on a special series ‘Yoga Sound Movement’ that travels upwards through the seven chakras using basic breathwork. Accessible and simple movement of body postures that can take place standing, seated or lying down. With time for relaxation and meditation. 

Each of the seven chakras is associated with a seed sound. We will be using simple chants that are easy to pronounce. The simple sounds of the mantra (sound repetition) is meant to bring about a sense of calm and presence.  The experience will invite gentle vibrations into the group setting. Each session can be adapted for different levels of experience. It is open to anyone aged 17 and above. No prior experience of yoga is necessary.

This first session explores focuses on the Root and Sacral chakras. The Root chakra governs over our physical energies, and the Sacral chakra is known as the seat of our creativity.

Please book direct via Nottingham Contemporary. £10 per session, or three sessions for £25. Tickets are available for purchase online. Book for the three sessions.

Please read our updates as currently our studio along with Nottingham Contemporary are closed.  Classes that run at the studio will be delivered online instead. In the meantime we will offer free mini sessions via Nottingham Contemporary on the chakras and mantra, please keep an eye out for updates.

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