Yoga Breakfast Club Thursdays 7.30 to 8.15am

We are super pleased to have a weekly collab with our friends at Outpost Coffee Roasters  – Every Thursday morning, Bahia Yoga will run the Yoga Breakfast Club, a 45 minute Yoga class, followed by a scrumptious breakfast pot and hot drink (tea or coffee) which you can pick up at Outpost Coffee.

OutPost Coffee have a shop underneath the studio, in the heart of Nottingham City Centre, where the independent hangouts are located within the Creative Quarter,  the Hockley / Lace Market area.  We wanted to offer something a little different for people heading to the city, who wanted a Yoga class and a fuel stop enroute to their desk. Voila the idea for the Yoga Breakfast Club came about! The first class launches Thursday 11th May 2017 begins 7.30am and finishes 8.15am whilst this event is fully booked, we will run the Yoga Breakfast Club every Thursday morning , and the breakfast pot and hot drink, can be taken away, or if you have more time, you can eat and drink more leisurely in OutPost.

The classes will be led by Jasmin, and can be booked online, the cost is £10 per person (which includes the Yoga and breakfast post and hot drink) Yoga Breakfast Club (Thursday 7.30-8.15am) – The Yoga is open for all levels and will include a variety of uplifting and releasing stretches, alongside strengthening poses for the hips, the belly and back. There will be ample time to relax and switch off and begin your day with a good intention. We think the best time to practice Yoga is early in the mornings, we hope you can join us and enjoy the early ‘Good Morning Yoga vibes’.

If you have any questions about the Yoga, or the coffee, please get in touch. Namaste Bahia Yoga team