Yoga Foundation Course 2020

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Yoga Foundation Course 2020 

A new yoga foundation course begins in March 2020. Meetings five Sundays once a month, the course ends July 2020. Open to keen students with a dedicated yoga practice of 12 months experience or more. The course helps to deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, meditation, philosophy and beyond. 

Yoga Postures 

The course focuses on building your knowledge and understanding of your staple postures and beyond. It helps to demystify the idea that postures are meant to look a certain way. Learn to focus on the more subtler nuances for your particular body type. Discover the history behind the traditional and modern sun salutations, along with the relevance in classes today. Studying key standing, seated and floor-based poses for the hips, spine and shoulders, plus an overview of mild inversions. 

Yoga Philosophy 

Understand the concepts of yogic philosophy, and learn how to apply them in a practical and meaningful manner into your practice. As you uncover the origins of yoga, you’ll explore the yamas, and understand what karma means and the meaning of samadhi for today’s practictioners. There’s plenty of time for discussion and reflections on how such practices can help us in our busy modern lives. 

Relaxation, Breath work and Meditation 

Beyond the postures is where you will learn the richness of yoga. All aspects of the course are applied. Meaning you will take away  a deeper understanding of what yoga is, and some valuable practical skills to help you beyond the course. As well reading and studying, you will build on your practice, and gain an overview of both the practice and theory of yoga, philosophy, meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation.

What’s next 

To find out more about the course, follow this link. Or complete the register my interest form here. Before embarking on any trainings with us, we encourage you to be familiar with the studio and attend ongoing classes and workshops first.





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