Yoga of Being with Roxy and Jasmin

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A friendly open gathering for like-minded individuals on the Yoga of Being with Roxy and Jasmin. A time to practice, to reflect, relax, talk and eat. This special event offers a light-hearted space to experience the art of being in our day to day lives, and yoga practice.

Please note due to current changes our classes are currently running online, please keep an eye out for an update on this event.

Sunday 17 May 2020:  3 to 6pm

3pm – Introduction to the Yoga of Being with Roxy and Jasmin

Roxy and Jasmin talk about what their day to day practice looks like. Revealing some useful tips from their favourite books, podcasts and postures. Focussing on how yoga isn’t just about doing, but more about being. They’ll invite you to practice in a more meaningful manner. Sharing ideas on how to enjoy the ‘art of being’ as you participate in the practical elements of the event from the yoga postures to meditation.

90-minute guided practice led by Roxy from 3.30pm to 5pm

A rounded class to suit all levels. Beginning with mindful slow and flowing movements. Roxy will provide an energetic sequence that can be adapted for all bodies. There’s plenty of options to pause or accelerate your practice. Jasmin is available to offer hands on assist and guide new or beginner students during the practice.

5pm to 6pm Guided meditation led by Jasmin. Followed Q&A

Jasmin will lead a supportive and accessible meditation, based around yoga nidra –  which can be practised either lying or seated. This leads onto Q&A guided both Roxy and Jasmin . With time for small group talks, the evening ends with some Indian chai and home-made warming Indian snacks.

Booking and fees

This special event the Yoga of being with Roxy and Jasmin is open to all levels of practitioner, from teachers, to new students and experienced yoga practitioners. Not suitable for pregnancy or anyone under the age of 18.

Tickets on sale for £50 per person.


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