Yoga, Race and Black Lives Matter


Yoga, Race and Black Lives Matter

At Bahia Yoga we want people to join in a respectful open dialogue, to talk, and listen to each other. We wish to use our platform to encourage people to continue with the crucial conversations and action on institutionalised and systematic racism and oppression faced by the Black community. George Floyd’s brutal murder has sparked outrage across the world. Many in the yoga and meditation community have expressed solidarity with the protests.


  • Listen and amplify the voices of POC

  • Relay and share information

  • Sign petitions

  • Protest

  • Donate

  • Discuss  – don’t shy away from the topic

Please stay in the conversation, not just for the short-term but the long-term. As a Yoga studio we will continue to include educational material and online resources for our yoga community, trainees and teachers.

Resources for the Yoga community

Resources for the yoga community include Ruth King’s Mindful of Race, you can read an article courtesy of Ruth from Tricycle Magazine here. Another recommendation we have is Larry Yang, teaching mindfulness and loving kindness retreats with a special interest in  creating access to the Dharma for diverse, multicultural communities.

Resources for Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter – Peaceful Protest Nottingham. Sunday 7th June 12pm to 2pm  – At the Forest Recreational Ground. Social distancing will be in place, please wear masks. Visit the Facebook page for more details.


Jasmin and Jake will be holding a practice session and dialogue with teachers and the yoga community on Yoga, Race and Black Lives Matters in June, date and details TBC.

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