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In her 20s, whilst Jasminder was a fitness instructor, and an avid kung-fu practitioner she first came across Yoga. Hooked to the calmness it created in her life she continued practicing for several years before embarking on her teacher training in India. Keen to bring stillness into her practice and teachings she holds qualifications in Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. As a student of Zen meditation, she believes it is the mental benefits of Yoga and meditation that nurtures everyone. A qualified Psychologist and Supervisor, she is the founder of Bahia Yoga. And the Course Director on the Bahia Yoga Teacher Training Programme. Jasminder enjoys good humour, creating a vibrant yet peaceful environment within her sessions. She leads the workshops and events for the School and supports the current team of teachers.

Paula is a Yoga teacher and part of our teaching team. She graduated with Bahia Yoga during the lockdown in 2020 and is currently studying Yoga Nidra. Paula brings a deep sense of care to her practice and teaching, creating a safe and supportive space for her students. As an avid runner and former Capoeira practitioner, Paula incorporates a balance of movement and philosophy into her classes, challenging her students mindfully while also providing a sense of containment. Students appreciate Paula’s comprehensive approach to Yoga, making her classes a popular choice for those seeking a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Jake began his Meditation and Yoga journey over 20 years ago and has developed and deepened his practise. Jake trained at Gaia House with Christina Feldman and has spent many years on various meditation retreats before embarking on his own teachings seven years ago. He is a respected teacher within Insight Meditation and as a Theravada Buddhist he is well informed to lead the Meditation teachings at Bahia Yoga. As a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Jake is keen to share the benefits mindfulness and meditation can bring in a practical and real way. He teaches on the Yoga Teacher Trainings with Bahia Yoga and runs Mindfulness Courses and Meditation classes for all abilities at the Yoga Studio. Jake brings a real sense of ease, calmness and openness to his teachings.

Suzanne is a Hatha Yoga teacher who leads the Tuesday evening 6 pm to 7 pm class. She completed her training with Bahia Yoga in 2019 and has since continued her studies in Mindfulness, currently completing her Masters’s Degree. Suzanne brings a meditative aspect to her classes, encouraging her students to connect with their breath and find stillness within. She takes time to check in with her students, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for their progression in their practice. Students appreciate Suzanne’s calm and compassionate approach to teaching, making her class a popular choice for those seeking a strengthening practice with, a mindful and holistic Yoga experience.

Bhavna was introduced to Yoga from a young age, later finding the physical aspect of Yoga in her late teens. She began teaching at Bahia Yoga in 2018. Her classes are taught in a slow and steady, classical Hatha style, taking influence from her practice. Bhavna’s intention behind teaching is to create a safe space for students to come and practice without judgment or pressure. Teaching students to learn how to pace themselves and listen to their bodies; connecting more with their breath and inner self, noticing a sense of release as well as uplifting, and grounding energy. She loves all aspects of Yoga, from chanting, breathwork, meditation to the asana practice. Her classes involve precisely all of those. Allowing you to feel the vibrations of chanting, the release and movement of energy through asana practice, the stillness and connection through meditation, and the feeling of vitality through pranayama.

Jasmine is a Yoga teacher who brings a wealth of experience to her classes. After attending a mantra concert with Sanatam Kaur in September 2009, Jasmine discovered the power of pranayama and mantras, which led her to kundalini yoga. For Jasmine, yoga is not just a physical practice but a lifestyle that connects her to the divine. She loves how breath and postures allow everyone to access this experience. Jasmine has been teaching children’s kundalini yoga since 2017 and completed her 200-hour Hatha training with Bahia Yoga in 2020. Currently, she is also completing her Yoga Nidra training also at Bahia Yoga to deepen her practice and teaching. Students appreciate Jasmine’s passionate and authentic approach to Yoga, her classes offer a grounding experience, with a connection to the community and a sense of self. 



Karen Nix:  Hatha Yoga Teacher, Tuesday 7.30 am to 8.15 am and Thursday 7 pm Hatha Dynamic Yoga 





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