Yoga Classes FAQs


What procedures does the studio have in place for COVID-19

Please take a read of our policy. We have social distancing measures in place, and request you come ready for Yoga. Due to COVID-19  changing facilities are not available at the studio.

  • We ask that you wear a face covering in all communal areas of the studio before and after class, but you are welcome to take it off while practicing.
  • To help practice social distancing, please follow the teacher’s instructions closely when entering and exiting the studio.
  • We have limited class capacity and allow for 2 meters between mats. 
  • We’ve introduced a ‘no touch’ policy and for the time being we won’t be offering any hands-on assists or adjustments.
  • We won’t be providing any shared equipment, such as bolster, bricks or straps, but you are welcome bring your own along.
  • If you prefer not to attend a class in person, our sessions will continue online, we hope to see you in person on online soon.


Can I attend a Yoga class if I am late?

The studio doors close 5 minutes before class begins. If you arrive after class begins we won’t be able to let you into the session. 

What will I need to bring? What shall I wear.

Please bring along a mat to all classes, wear loose light comfortable clothing for exercise, and wear layers  If you are new to Yoga we suggest buying an inexpensive mat. Take a look –  “10 reasons why you need to bring your own Yoga mat – read here

Can I do Yoga when I am menstruating?

Depending on your body and how well you are feeling, you are welcome to attend. Some students prefer not to attend Yoga for the first few days of their menstrual cycle; this is an individual choice for each person.  As always, it is important to be respectful to your body, and trust what is right for you as an individual.

Can I do Yoga if I have an injury?

Please ask for advice from your GP, (the same applies if you obtain injuries during a Yoga term -seek approval from your GP), always inform your teacher of any ailments and injuries and the advice given from a medical professional.


Can I get changed for my Yoga class at the venue?
Due to Covid-19 there are no changing facilities open, please arrive ready for class.

Is there somewhere safe to place my belongings.
There’s no locker facilities, but there is somewhere to place your bag and coat. Bring in limited items, the studio is locked, but we can’t responsibility for any valuables or any items that you bring with you.

Is there parking?
There is on street City Centre car parking take a look here. Most of the teachers use the Ringo App, saves you rummaging around for coins. for the NCP car parks take a look at the options here.

Where can I leave my bike?
There’s no room to bring your bike into the buildings, but check here for the nearest hub.

  • Register online and create an account, we are currently unable to take cash payments.
  • Check the timetable and prices here
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to class

Do I have to become a member to join a class?
No. Becoming a Bahia Yoga member is just the process of creating an account (you can use email and password or link in via your Facebook login), signing the disclaimer/waiver, and buying your class pass or ‘membership’. There is no membership charge associated with this beyond whichever class pass (referred to as ‘membership’) that you choose to buy.

Do I have to answer all the questions on the form?
If you have time, yes it helps us to tailor the class to you and highlights any areas we can help you with. If the questions don’t apply to you, just skip them, or simply write N/A.

Online platform: You will need to create an account, register and pay for sessions via the online options either via Stripe, which allows you to use your credit or debit card, or via Go-Cardless, which take payment through your bank account. 

Paying Online with GoCardless.
Once you have registered your class, you will be asked to create a payment online via GoCardless. It does not require your credit or debit card details. GoCardless works via a system where you give an instruction to your bank. This is called a ‘one off’ direct debit, processed via GoCardless. Please be clear this is a one off single payment direct from your bank. There is no roll-on, or regular monthly fees, it is a one-off payment only.

However, once your class credits have been used within the allotted time frame, a new payment will need to be set up by you.  Here is a link explaining how easy GoCardless is to use. You are in control of your payments via GoCardless, and can initiate a new payment as and when you are ready to purchase your next set of class credits.

Which Yoga class?

What type of Yoga is taught at Bahia Yoga in Nottingham?
Firstly read this post here -10 ways Bahia Yoga does things differently – click here.
The Levels of Yoga explained – take a look here.

All classes follow the application of Vinyasa Krama which means there is a sequence and build up and cool down for the main postures in class. The main focus on all classes is working with the breath. Concentrating on correct and safe alignment within the postures. Yoga is not competitive, unlike other activities; you can view Yoga as a lifelong companion. It can be adapted and changed with the various stages to fit with your lifestyle.

Who can attend the Yoga Workshops?
Yoga Workshops are open to various levels of ability. Please check that the Workshop you are interested in is suitable for your level of ability. Workshops will help you to delve a little deeper into the poses and gives more time for Q&A.

Yoga Class FAQs

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