10 reasons why you need to bring your own Yoga mat

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10 reasons why you need to bring your own Yoga mat…

In short the answer is YES. The first thing to purchase as part of your Yoga kit, is your very own mat. If you’ve been attending yoga classes for more than 6 weeks now, it’s a good time invest in the following:

1. Yoga mat. 2. Yoga block and 3.Yoga belt (if you really want to push the boat out, your own blanket for relaxation).

A Yoga Mat: A space to practise Yoga postures on. Presents itself in many shapes, sizes and prices, from eco, travel, thick, thin, cotton, durable, latex free, super-light. All that is required is a sturdy mat, to compliment you and your practice. Preferably non-stick and non-slip. Some people prefer thinner mats, to thicker ones, bright colours, to neutral colours, expensive mats, to lower priced mats. The preference and choice is yours. By using your own mat, you are building an association between your practice and the mat. Think of your mat as your favourite toy, something that provides a deep containment and helps to soothe you . (The toy in psychological terms is seen as a transitional object. To help the child endure the idea of separation from the parent, from dependence to independence). The Yoga mat will help nurture an independent practice away from the sessions, building up (what is referred to in Zen as self power) Jiriki.

Reflect on the following, if you are going for a run regularly, would you use someone else’s runners? Would you use someone else’s yoga t-shirt after class?… Most likely not.

Practically it is hygienic to have your own yoga mat, even if the studio provides them. The mat allows you to create a personal space to practice Yoga. You can unroll this mat anytime, anyplace, anywhere, home, holiday, even at work. If for any reason you are unable to bring along your own mat please bring along £1 for each session to hire a Yoga mat.

10 reasons why you need to bring your own Yoga mat:

  1. Helps to build up a strong link with your yoga practice
  2. You can take this mat with you, wherever you wish
  3. Hygiene
  4. You get to choose which type of mat you buy
  5. Helps create a yoga space for you
  6. A sense of connection with yoga (away from the studio)
  7. Feet rooted to the same mat, creates a feeling of familiarity, warmth
  8. Friendlier to the environment
  9. Allows newbies to use the mats in the studio
  10. Mat in hand, out the door, the connection with yoga begins before you arrive to class

This article was first published in May 2011 © Bahia Yoga

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