10 Ways Bahia Yoga Does Things Differently

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10 Ways Bahia Yoga Does Things Differently

Even though Yoga is universal and really doesn’t belong to any one person or organisation, we at Bahia Yoga still pride ourselves on a few special practices that make classes at our studio unique. It may surprise you that the things that set us apart from many typical yoga offerings are also what we believe keeps our practice genuine. These are the reasons we have one of the fastest-growing beginners’ classes in town and why our regulars keep coming back again and again! Read below for 10 ways Bahia Yoga does things differently.
1) We never skip the Savasana Surely this is the best part of the class! What’s more rewarding than a total relaxation and letting go at the end of the session?

2) We use Sanskrit and English names for poses This is a nod to the Indian heritage of Yoga.

3) We love a peaceful mind – We have our own Vipassana Buddhist, Jake Dartington, who leads weekly Meditation sessions at the studio. Meditation is the key to our practice.

4) We are partial to the odd chant! Did you know that chanting (or repetition of positive words, known as Mantra Yoga) has the same benefits of doing Hatha Yoga (the Yoga of poses/movement). We keep it simple, rather like humming a tune, or repeating soothing words to help us feel calmer and happier. Chanting in classes (that offer this) is always optional and never compulsory!

5) We are experts in Yoga Nidra! We have a fully-fledged psychologist, Jasmin Bahia who can help you explore the paths of this most refreshing approach to Yoga, simply known as Yogic Sleep – separate sessions on this coming soon.

6) We love Yoga props. Yoga belts, blocks, bolsters and blankets, and we nearly forgot to mention the eye pillows. We like you to feel cosy, nourished, grounded and refreshed at the end of the sessions! We have specialist classes on deep Restorative Yoga – no stretching required – just opening and letting go.

6) We adapt and adjust – We always listen to our students and respect where you are with your practice. We offer modifications for the poses when you may need them, and we offer deeper hands on assists at classes to stabilise and help you connect with Yoga.

7) We love Classical Yoga. This means Yoga and its vibrant history and traditions. We respect and build upon the old school way, we are not dogmatic or rigid in our approach to Yoga and we offer a varied set of classes. From flowing to fast and dynamic, to strong and slow, meditative to restorative, peaceful to passionate Yoga.

8) We are eternal students – We are always learning, from our students, our newly qualified teachers and our own teachers. We will always be Yoga students! Always deepening our practice, expanding our minds, and sharing what we learn along the way. Simply put we are regular down to earth beings sharing and loving what we do….

9) We feel very lucky! We love what we do and hope this shows in how we teach, how we greet you and help you in class, or out of class. All our Yoga teachers have a regular practice and practice what we teach. We are known to have a good sense of humour and through serendipity have built up a great little Yoga family. Thank you for being part of this!

10) Our Yoga fits all – but this doesn’t mean squashing everyone into one class for maximum output! Quality over quantity is our motto! Yoga really does fit all, however, we know that classes can be tailored to meet students’ needs, and this is why we offer classes suitable for different abilities and agilities. We will suggest adjustments and alternatives for particularly challenging poses, but we always encourage our students to stretch themselves and make progress at their own pace.

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Namaste Yogis. Thank you for reading this and being part of what we love.

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