Deep Rest – the way of Restorative Yoga

by | May 1, 2012 | News

Isn’t it time you let your body really rest? Join in a Restorative Yoga session where you learn the ‘true art of letting go and relaxation’. Restorative Yoga is all about  healing and well-being for the mind and body. Experience Yoga in a different way, no pulling, stretching or tension involved.

Restorative Yoga is open to all levels, for anyone experiencing mild back aches, low mood or general tiredness. Restorative Yoga involves up to four to six poses in a session. We work with Yoga props, such as Yoga bolsters, blankets, cushions, belts and eye bags.

No flexibility required. The poses learnt in Restorative Yoga allows us to rest with ease and comfort on a much deeper level than we usually do. When we really rest, in a deep state of relaxation our organs are benefiting immediately, we receive an automatic boost to the boost immune system. Deep relaxation allows the blood pressure to reduce, helps to improve digestion, reduces muscle fatigue and tension, helps with insomnia, anxiety and stress.

Jasmin leads these sessions, she has been teaching Yoga for over 15 years, she is a qualified Psychologist, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Trauma Therapist. She completed specialist training in Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Uma-Dinsmore Tuli.



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