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by | Mar 16, 2017 | Workshops

Ashtanga Yoga workshops and Yoga Adjustments with Ryan Spielman Nottingham

Saturday 24th June 10am – 12.30pm – Led Primary with extras £40 each 

A morning session on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series  where Ryan will guide you on developing the more advanced transitions such as ‘jumping through and jumping back’. In addition there will be a focus on arm balancing, chakrasana and for those that are ready to try them – drop backs. This workshop is suitable for most levels of Yoga practice, though not suitable for complete beginners.

Saturday 24th June, 2 to 5pm – Hands-on adjustments £45 each

The afternoon session will introduce some of the key and fundamental assists to help enhance your teaching toolbox and deepen your  personal Yoga practice. There will be ample time to cover some core asanas relevant to all styles of practice and how to adapt asanas for different levels of ability. You will also have some time play with some of the more fun, or advanced asana groups as well. This workshops is open to regular and committed Yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers.

Sunday 25th June, 10am to 1pm  – Introduction to the Intermediate series £45 each

The second series in the Ashtanga system is, in many ways, a compliment to the first series. The two make sense when practiced together. Often, because of the way the Ashtanga system is taught, many people do not get the opportunity to progress to this series which introduces a wonderful back bending sequence, deep hip openers and creative, unusual vinyasas. In this workshop Ryan will teach you how to approach all the postures in a safe and practical way so you can begin to include this intelligent series in your regular practice.

Each workshop is  priced at either £40 or £45 and you will need to book your place in advance   – You are welcome to book a single session or attend all three. If you have any queries, please use out contact form here. 

About Ryan Spielman

Ryan has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga since 1995. His style of teaching is inclusive and welcoming to all participants. He is an advanced practitioner in the system. Ryan runs an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training programme in London twice a year. He teaches Yoga and meditation classes, workshops and retreats internationally. Ryan hosts the Lonely Guru podcast dialoguing with prominent figures in the Yoga world.  In addition to his work as a teacher he also writes and performs spiritual comedy songs.

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