TTC Online Learning

At Bahia Yoga, we appreciate that online learning is a new experience for many of us and that you may have questions as to how we can make the most of learning in this manner. By following the guidelines and advice below, we can ensure that you receive the standard of teaching you would expect from our in-person studio sessions, all from the comfort of your own home.

How do I join an online session?

Joining an online session is fairly straightforward. Download the Zoom app on your laptop or phone and create an account; we will send you an email with the class session link for you to join.

Where should I set up my home studio?

Just as with our in-person studio, your home studio should be spacious, well ventilated and relaxing. Find a room with space for yourself, your yoga equipment, and your laptop or computer. Ensure that any light directed into the room is in front of you, so your video quality is sufficient. We ask that you set up your camera so our teachers can see you entirely, making sure it displays the full length of your body on the mat. This way, we are able to help guide you towards safer and more efficient practice. 

What equipment do I need?

The most important piece of equipment you need is your yoga mat. Other props which would be useful for your practice include: cushions, a bolster, a yoga belt, two yoga bricks, four yoga blocks, a blanket for support and warmth, a notepad, paper and for the teacher training, any relevant books and the manual.

Will I miss out on any aspects of in-person teaching?

As you can imagine, transferring the movement based activity of yoga into the digital realm makes for a different experience. What we can assure, however, is that you will receive the same level of support from your teacher as before and be able to receive the benefits of a live teaching experience. We are dedicated to ensuring that our online students are engaged with the wider group and still having their questions about the content answered. While we may no longer be able to offer in-person prompts to assist you in refining your poses, we will tailor our verbal cues to maximise their effectiveness through an online medium.

What if I do not have the facilities to attend online classes?

If your at home studio or technological equipment is making engaging with online classes difficult, then please contact us to arrange a solution which works for both us and yourselves. We want all of our students to receive an engaging teaching experience, and we will ensure that personal circumstances do not become a barrier to this. Often we provide recordings of the live sessions, and this will help if you have any internet issues.

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