Scholarships for 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training


Scholarships for 200-hr Yoga teacher training 

At Bahia Yoga, we’re committed to providing opportunities for everyone to pursue their passion for Yoga. We understand that financial barriers can often prevent people from gaining access to the education, and training to become certified Yoga teachers. We’re happy to announce that we are offering two half-price scholarship places on our 200-hour Yoga teacher training courses. In addition to the two scholarship places, we offer two community discounted places.

The Scholarships for the 200-hr Yoga teacher training places are only made possible by our students who pay the standard fee. The scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us to register your interest.

Who can apply for the BPOC 200-hr YTT scholarships?

This is available to individuals who come from underrepresented groups. Including POC from the Global Majority, and those who have experienced financial hardship. Providing these opportunities will help to create a more diverse and inclusive community of Yoga teachers and practitioners.

*If you identify as a person of colour – Black, Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, mixed heritages & indigenous people of North, Central, and South America.

*Underrepresented groups are non-dominant groups that include people with disabilities and people from a lower socioeconomic status. And people from the LGBTQ+ community. The location for this teacher training is on the first floor. Unfortunately, the building does not offer wheelchair access.

Thank you for your support 

We recognise that not everyone is able to receive financial assistance, and that’s where our standard fee-paying students come in. By paying the standard fee for our teacher training course -you are not only investing in your own education and professional development. But you are also helping to support students who wouldn’t usually be able to access the support. Your contribution allows us to continue to offer scholarships and discounts.

We are grateful for your support. And commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive community of Yoga teachers and practitioners. Standard fees are £2,950. Please read more about our fees here. Our next Yoga teacher training course begins in October 2023.

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