The link between Spirituality and Yoga


The link between Spirituality and Yoga is often missed in class. It’s easy to see why people see a lack of connection between spirituality and their Yoga practice. Yoga has become a form of exercise, and nowadays most people don’t see it as a spiritual practice​​.​ ​If you think of Yoga as just another fitness aspect, it’s easy to get side tracked. You will just focus on what you need to get out of Yoga, rather than why you are there in the first place.

Spirituality and Yoga are misunderstood

People often think of spirituality as being about religion or a set of beliefs. That only requires ritual, dogma and rules to live by. That’s not the case at all! Spirituality is actually about the connection between the mind and body. And the connection between yourself and others.  Which is why ​Yoga is so beneficial for everyone. Its benefits extend beyond what exercise alone can accomplish. Bringing a sense of calmness that you can carry with you throughout your day.

Yoga is not just another exercise tool. Yoga teaches you to live in the present moment. To be mindful of what you are doing and how it is affecting both yourself and others.​ ​When we are connected to ourselves we can understand our bodies better and get better health. But there’s a much deeper connection that comes through Yoga. The mind body connection is what connects us to our environment and other people. When we deepen this connection, we start to see things that were hidden before. We start to feel more aware of the things around us and gain perspective on our lives.

Modern day Yoga is missing its spiritual connection

Yoga has a long history of spiritual practice and connection. Modern day Yoga is ​missing its spiritual connection as Yoga teachers are uncertain on how to bring it in. Often it’s because it’s missing it in their own practice and teaching. They might struggle to talk about the spiritual roots of Yoga. `And how to reconnect their teaching with its spiritual origins. 

How can we reconnect Yoga to its true roots? It’s important to remember that Yoga is supposed to be a spiritual practice. It’s not just about how flexible you, are or how good you look in a pose. Teachers and students want to understand the purpose of their practice. This will help them grow spiritually, and keep them connected to themselves.

Yoga teachers want to be able to convey the reasons they practice and teach Yoga, as well as how it can benefit their students’ bodies and minds. One of the most important spiritual practices and benefits of Yoga, is meditation. It’s not only relaxing and calming, but it also helps you focus, gain clarity and understanding, and help you enjoy life more fully.  

Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice. It is so much more than just a physical exercise. When done with the intention of improving your health and wellbeing, Yoga can have a powerful impact on your life when practiced regularly. At its heart, yoga involves connecting with yourself and developing a connection to something greater than yourself. 

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