2021 Winter Solstice Yoga & Meditation

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Let’s take some time to heal and quietly celebrate and welcome in 2021 winter solstice yoga and meditation. Creating an atmosphere of calm and coziness, dimming the lights, lighting candles, and setting intentions. During the 2021 winter solstice yoga and mediation we will be humming mantras, practicing mindful yoga, and meditation. This winter solstice yoga and mediation practice we can gather together online at home, or in-person at the studio and enjoy a collective practice.

2021 Winter Solstice Yoga & Meditation

The session is led by Jasminder (Jasmin) and Suzanne will be assisting. They will guide you into a nourishing practicing, of yoga and meditation. The session is open to all levels of experience including beginners and experienced practitioners. No prior experience of yoga or mediation is necessary, as each aspect of the practice will be guided and supported by both teachers.

What does ‘solstice’ mean?

The term ‘solstice’ derives from the Latin word ‘solstitium’, meaning sun standing still. On this day, the sun seems to stand still at the Tropic of Capricorn and then reverses its direction as it reaches its southernmost position as seen from the Earth. Occurring between December 21-24 each year, the Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) is the shortest day of the year and the longest night.

Booking onto 2021 Winter Solstice and Yoga

Date Tuesday 21 December 2021 

6.00 pm Arrivals and Welcome- 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm Practice and finish with some yogi tea.
Purchase a single class pass, or use your multi-class pack to book onto the session.  Please visit our Covid-19 guidelines for in-person sessions. Spaces will be limited to 9 students.


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