7 benefits of Yoga nidra

by | Jun 26, 2013 | News

Swami Satyananda developed the modern day Yoga Nidra, originally a nyasa meditation practice from tantra yoga (a practice that involves connecting deeper with your consciousness whilst at the same time letting go of outside distractions, an almost undisturbed awareness comes along). He has made this Yoga nidra technique accessible to modern day practitioners and it can be practised by anybody in the world. It is a form pratyahara (one of the limbs of Yoga) and provides tremendous benefits for the body, brain and mind.

Yoga nidra is typically practised at the end of a physical yoga asana class, or it can be practised at home, remember to practice on a set day and time each week to feel the full benefits, and set a regular pattern.

What are the benefits of Yoga nidra?

1. Yoga nidra counteracts stress and prescribed by GPs in many countries
2. Provides effective relief for depression and long standing anxiety.
3. It is an efficient way to obtain sleep.
4. Clears the mind for learning and absorbing new material
5. Releases tension for body and mind
6. Relaxes the mind
7. Helps with creativity

Bahia Yoga runs Yoga nidra sessions as part of the sessions run by our course leader and director Jasmin Bahia.

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