Early morning yoga


Are you envious of the early risers and question if early morning yoga is for you? There are tons of benefits to starting your day earlier.

  • It can help with concentration and alertness.
  • Helps increase productivity.
  • Can help to reduce stress levels.
  • Encourages goal setting and planning for the day.

But why so early?

Books such as the 5 am club by Robin Sharma promote a morning routine of getting up one hour before those in your home (ideally at 5 am).  Allowing distraction-free time to read, meditate, exercise, study, or plan. This helps to focus on your personal wellbeing and start your day off well.

It’s hard not to feel unproductive when it comes to comparing our morning routines to that of a CEO who kicks off their day in the early hours.  Or a monk who rises at 4 am to meditate and recite mantras, to the 9-5 crew who get their exercise before heading to work, many people swear by this lifestyle and the benefits it brings.

Benefits of early morning yoga

Yoga in the morning can help to boost metabolism, helps to improve moods as well as energize you for the day. There is also such a good feeling about making time for your yoga practice before 9 am. 

Karen, who graduated with Bahia Yoga as a teacher in 2020 runs Thursday mornings yoga 7.30 am to 8.15 am which is a perfect way to start the day and complete something good for the mind and body before the day has even fully begun.

This class can also be joined online if you can’t make it into the studio. Book your classes here.


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