Kirtan in Nottingham

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Join us for Kirtan in Nottingham. We will chant sacred mantras to uplift you. Connecting as a Sangat (community). Kirtan is a devotional singing practice that helps us to connect to something deeper within us. Resonating the vibrations of the sacred sounds (Naad) within our hearts and minds.

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan offers a space for reflection. Part of Kirtan involves call-and-response chanting. A little bit like how children learn nursery rhymes at school. It involves chants, or mantras, and can sometimes involve the use of instruments such (as a drum). Or the tabla, the harmonium, and other Indian instruments. You could think of it as a time when we all come together as a community, to create simple sounds and rhythm. Kirtan is part of the Bhakti Yoga family, a yoga that combines the techniques of Hatha and Raja Yoga with devotion to a greater sense of being (Bhakti).  The most noted benefits of Kirtan are deep relaxation and meditation.

What to bring, and where does the Kirtan in Nottingham take place?

Wear loose comfortable clothing that you will be able to sit in for the duration. We have some chairs and yoga blocks that people can use. You may want to bring along your own cushion to sit on. Please stay on until the end of the sessions for chai and snacks.  The sessions are open to all members of the community, and a booking fee of £5 per person. Beginners are welcome to attend. The session will run at Bahia Yoga, in our studio, based in Hockley. Please ensure you arrive early enough and can stay for the full session.

Next Kirtan – January 2023

Sunday 15 January From 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm  – Book here

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