Sunday Series: The Yoga of Breathing

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Sunday Series: The Yoga of Breathing

Session 1:

Sunday 14 June 3.30pm to 5pm – everyone welcome. 

This Sunday Series workshop on the Yoga of Breathing begins with an explanation of prana. It looks at what impacts breathing, and what contributes to inefficient breathing. Begins with with a guided practice and an introduction to prana. And how to develop a daily practice.

Introduction to the five branches of prana

The ‘Yoga of Breathing’ workshop, will introduce the five pranas (maha-vayu). You will learn about the direction of prana. within the physical body. According to Yoga there are five branches to prana. We will explore pranayama (yogic breathing) from the Yoga Sutras, and  to the Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā.

Benefits and Obstacles to Pranayama

As we delve deeper into the Yoga of Breathing, we will explore some ancient myths. For example, whether a regular practice of pranayama really does make us look younger! Learn to understand how our mental state impacts our breathing. And the physical and mental limitations that we might come across when building a regular practice.

Practice tips and guidance for Pranayama

What do we need to practice breathing? You’ll learn how to schedule a regular practice. And find out when is the best time to practice.

  • Begins with a  a firm basis of Savasana –  exploring the qualities of the breath.
  • Asanas that help support pranayama
  • Using a chair and wall for breath work
  •  Bandhas and Mudras

Pranayama practices you will learn:

  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Brahmari Breath
  • Belly Breathing
  • Viloma Pranayama
  • Nadhi Shodhana
  • Sitali Pranayama
  • Sama Vritti

Note this is part one of three workshops running once a month during summer. From June to August, runs Sunday afternoons (currently all online) 3.30pm to 5pm. You can attend a single workshop, or all three.

Session 2 and 3: Sunday Series Yoga of Breathing:

3.30pm to 5pm: Sunday 19 July and Sunday 2 August, 2020.

The Yoga of Breathing CPD

For ongoing CPD teachers and students can choose to undertake homework tasks, and practice sheets for each month. Upon completion and attendance on all three sessions, and receive a 20 hour Yoga CPD certificate.

Booking Details

Sessions are open to all levels of practitioners, from students, teachers and trainees. Everyone is welcome. The mini-workshops will be led by Psychologist and Course Director for the Bahia Yoga Trainings, Jasmin Bahia. £15 per workshop.

Current students with active memberships, you can book onto the sessions, with a single class pass, and pay a £5 registration fee. We wish to make the sessions affordable, please get in touch if you are on a reduced income and wish to attend one of the sessions. 

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