Yoga tips for coping with Christmas


During this time of year, the stress of shopping for gifts and celebrating among those who may be in the midst of their own stressful holiday season can be overwhelming. If you feel like you need a break from all that “cheer”, –  here are some Yoga tips for coping with Christmas

Can we find peace and joy at Christmas?

Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration. However, it can also be stressful, especially when there are family members who you want to please but who may not share your beliefs or lifestyle. Yoga philosophy demonstrates the importance of making conscious decisions about what you consume and share during this time of year. When we start with ourselves, with our own self-care and well-being – and align with our beliefs on a deeper level. We then have more strength to practice Ahimsa (nonviolence) towards other beings on Earth – including ourselves!

Philosophical Yoga tips for coping with Christmas

Practicing Ahimsa (nonviolence) and Satya (truthfulness) are important ways we can honour the values of Christmas. We can create a safe space by filtering our thoughts and actions in accordance with these two principles. Through the practice of Yoga, we can transcend our thoughts and feelings, opening up to a deeper awareness. As we practice being present in this moment, we open ourselves up to receiving more love and kindness from others.

Practice Self-Care this Christmas

Don’t take a break from your normal Yoga practice just because it’s Christmas. Roll out your mat, find a space to sit, and just do what you can -. It doesn’t have to be your whole routine, whatever you do is enough, If you are stressed about practicing at your in-law’s home, just let them know that the practice is part of your day. Ask where they would prefer that you roll out your mat in the early morning. So as not to get into anyone’s way on Christmas Eve, or run into Santa going down the chimney!

Yoga is about acceptance, gratitude, and appreciation. This can be difficult at Christmas. When we move throughout life too quickly, we forget to stop and be present in the moment. 

The first of the Yoga sutras, explains that Yoga is happening now. It also teaches us to be present in the moment. We can practice this anytime. For example, while sitting at the table during Christmas dinner – try to really be present. Be there with your family or friends. Don’t worry about what will happen later, or think back to past events. If you’re feeling anxious, it may be because your nervous system is reacting to a trigger or a certain situation. However, you can self-soothe yourself by consciously bringing awareness into each moment. When we are in the present moment, our body is in a relaxed state. If we are really truly present in each moment and bring awareness into every breath, each word we speak, we can being to feel calmer. Hopefully, this will bring more calm to us over the Christmas period.

This winter we have a special workshop Candlelight Winter Solstice running Wednesday 21 December, 6.30pm to 8pm – everyone is welcome, it runs online and in-person.

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