5 Tips for Beginners to Yoga


Read about our 5 Tips for Beginners to Yoga 

Guidance on your practice for beginners to yoga and meditation.

1. It’s not a competition.

Unlike other forms of physical movement, Yoga is non-competitive. There’s no striving for perfection or looking a certain way. It’s about finding some ease and freedom in your body and mind. A place to pause and allows things to be. Over time you will learn that there are endless benefits to yoga and meditation.

2. Breathe Better.

Focusing on pranayama (specific breathing techniques) is calming. Changing how we breathe helps improve psychological and physical problems. From anxiety and depression to providing physical stability for the body. Yoga explains that the breath is the link between the body and mind.

3. Stability and Strength.

The postural practice invites ease and releases physical tension. Yoga develops our range of motion and helps build stronger muscles. Asana practice (posture) allows the easier performance of everyday activities. The goal of Yoga is to have a body that can support our spiritual practice.

4. Yoga is inclusive.

You don’t need to look a certain way or dress a certain way to practice Yoga! Yoga is a community practice and provides a place for everyone to feel safe and supported. It’s an adaptable and accessible practice, that can be practiced on a chair, or a mat, and people can use props to help support the body.

5. Mind Connection.

Yoga is a pathway that helps us connect on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. At its core Yoga is a meditation practice, that helps you apply mindfulness techniques to your daily life. It helps us connect on a deeper and more intuitive level, bringing self-awareness and promoting self-agency. It promotes good mental health and helps you focus and direct your energy with care.

Next Beginners Course

These 5 tips for beginners to yoga and meditation tips serve as insights to help you think about practice. As well as the benefits of doing Yoga and meditation. Our next Beginners Yoga Course led by Jasminder, our Director runs Wednesday evenings, 6 pm to 7.15 pm on November 16, 23, 30, and 7 December  Please book here.

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