Prerequisites 200 hour teacher-training course

Prerequisites 200 hour teacher-training course

To be considered for 200-hour teacher training courses we ask for the following prerequisites:

  • Have consistent practice and attend regular classes with a teacher (two years of experience).
  • Be available for all the course modules and attend all dates for the selected training.
  • A genuine interest in teaching and learning Hatha Yoga to an exceptional standard.
  • An ability to work comfortably and respectfully within a group setting.
  • An ability to undertake direction and guidance from others.
  • Self-motivation and responsibility for learning, and applying the principles of Yoga.
  • A desire to progress and acquire a deeper understanding of Yoga.

There are a limited number of places on the teacher training courses, if you are new to the studio we recommend attending some classes or workshops, ideally prior to your call with the Course Administrator Bhavna.

Students who live outside of Nottingham are welcome to apply. Everyone is required to stay for the duration of the course hours. In addition to the dates listed, you will need to be available for a one-to-one (outside of the course hours) and be able to travel in for two public class assists. 

What if I have a different learning style to other people?

We are mindful that everyone learns differently, and that is why we ask what your preferred learning style is. Let us know in advance if you learn things in a particular approach and if you require extra support. This helps us to cater to people’s different levels of education and learning styles.

How much Yoga experience do I need to learn to teach Yoga?

We recommend two years of regular practice of Yoga before registering for the course. One of the first aspects of the training course is to build and deepen your personal practice of Yoga. On your form tell us about your Yoga experience to date, such as where you have practiced and who your teachers are. Tell us about what you enjoy about Yoga and why you think you are ready to take on the learning to train to teach Yoga.


What’s next?

Now you’ve read this information and you believe you’d like to take this to the next level, please register your interest by completing this form here.

Once your form is received you will receive an email within 24 or 48 hours, if you don’t hear from us, make sure to give us a call. The team is here to support and guide you and offer feedback and answer any questions you might have about the course. Bhavna the Course Administrator will arrange a phone call, often a Zoom call to talk you through the course information and help answer any questions. 

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