Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

How are the hours covered?

All Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training Courses require 200 hours training hours. This is made up of 180 practical teaching hours, 20 hours non-contact time, along with 40 hours home practice, home study, assignments, teaching practice and class observations. This course covers approximately 240 hours and fulfils the requirements for the Yoga Alliance certification.

Is there a foundation course available before the 200 hour course?

You may like to join our 60 hours yoga foundation course level training (which does not produce a teaching qualification). A well balanced introduction into Yoga philosophy, history, and asana techniques and training to help and develop your own practice with a view to attending a teacher training programme with Bahia Yoga in the future. Course fees are listed here. 

Who can apply for the 200 hour course?

  • The 200-hour Hatha Yoga course is aimed at anyone practising Yoga for many years, or someone relatively new to Yoga (for two years or longer).
  • The programme is for any student who has a deep desire to expand their knowledge, skills and understanding and wish to teach Yoga.
  • Our programme enables you to deepen, strengthen and nurture your skills and development both as a teacher and practitioner.
  • The course is open to students who may not wish to teach Yoga classes to the public, though may want the insight into Yoga to help their own profession, or personal journey.

Support during the course

  • You will receive one to on support from our course administrator Bhavna, who has also completed the course. 
  • You will receive feedback on your progress  during the course, and offered guidance on areas to develop further. 
  • Course work and home study assignments are built in gradually throughout the course. 

We would encourage you to create time for weekly home study, along with the upkeep of a regular Yoga practice and journal for the duration of the training. The course will be interactive, challenging and hopefully a rewarding learning experience.

During the trainings (the 200-hour of the Yoga Nidra trainings) you will have regular scheduled breaks, a balance of practical and theory lessons to ensure the training is supportive and manageable.

What do I need to do after the course has finished?

  • You an option to register as a teacher with Yoga Alliance USA.
  • Once you have registered you will able to display RYT after your name (Registered Yoga Teacher) and use the Yoga Alliance logo. This is needed if you intend to teach Yoga upon course completion.
  • Obtain a valid insurance certificate; this is also needed before you can teach Yoga.

Do I automatically qualify as a Yoga teacher? 

No. In order to qualify as a Yoga teacher you will need to have:

  • Attended 100% of the course
  • Successfully completed all written assignments
  • Satisfactorily completed the anatomy paper and yoga theory paper
  • Observed three external classes with written observations
  • Assisted in two external/ internal Yoga classes
  • Participated and engaged in group presentations and group exercises
  • Competently passed the final practicum exam, teaching a Yoga class before an examiner
  • Possess an up to date three year valid First Aid Certificate

Please note that the Bahia Yoga course offer letter outlines all the necessary information to successful candidates for the 200 hour trainings. 

For the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, please note the following requirements:

  • Attendance: Attend 100% of the course.
  • Written Assignments: Successfully complete all written assignments, which include scripts.
  • Monthly Recordings: Submit monthly recordings on the agreed dates.
  • Monthly Journals: Send in monthly typed journals.
  • Group Participation: Actively participate and engage in group presentations and group exercises.
  • Final Practical: Complete a final practical for leading a Yoga Nidra class.
  • Module Completion: Complete all modules sequentially within the required time.
  • First Aid Certificate: Possess an up-to-date, valid First Aid Certificate.
  • Insurance: Obtain insurance, either as part of your current profession or specifically as a Yoga Nidra Teacher.


Will I be able to teach Yoga whilst I’m studying on the course?

When you pass your interim assessment; this will be approximately two thirds of the way into the course you have the option to begin teaching.

You will require specialist trainee insurance, in order to obtain this insurance you must declare you are a ‘Teacher Trainee’ on the course and teach no more than two classes per week during your training. You can discuss this in further detail with the Course Adminstrator. As well as having passed the interim assessment, and possessing valid insurance, at this stage you will need a valid First Aid Certificate.

Further guidelines are provided with the course offer letter.

What’s the best age to begin your training?

Whilst there is no age limit to becoming a Yoga teacher we would recommend you have time for a committed regular practice (for a minimum of two years). Our Yoga trainees vary from their early 20s to their mid to late 50s and 60s, Yoga knows no age barriers and teachers range from 20s to 90s.

Will I still be able to apply for the course if I have had a gap in my Yoga practise?

Yes. Providing you have already had a committed regular practise and for some reason a short or long break has interrupted your physical practice you are still welcome to apply. For example if you took some time off during pregnancy and childbirth, or had an injury or recently relocated from another city, or other life circumstances suspended your practice. Please do talk with us first and we will still consider your application.

What if I am pregnant, can I still attend the course?

Firstly, many congratulations! It looks like you already have a life-changing 9-month journey to prepare for. We suggest getting back in touch a few months after the birth of your baby and we can keep you posted on new course dates for the following year.

Can I attend one of the Yoga courses or Yoga workshops with Bahia Yoga?
You are welcome to book onto Yoga workshops or the courses currently running at the Studio. In order to be considered for the teacher training programmes you will be asked to attend ongoing classes and some workshops at the studio before being offered a potential place.

Can I teach in gyms and set up my own private classes?

Yes the qualification entitles you to teach in gyms, and to set up your own private classes, or run yoga workshops and yoga retreats. This course and pending qualification allows you to teach worldwide

Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

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