New autumn to winter Sunday Series 


We have a new mini Sunday Series autumn to winter running at the Nottingham Studio. This autumn to winter series begins in September 2020, and ends January 2021. Two hours on Sunday afternoons, exploring functional yoga postures to philosophical sound bites. From breathing to mindful meditation, and the art of relaxation. Please email to book a spot, and you will be sent a link. Bookings taken on a month to month basis. Please note social distancing measures will be in place.


Times and dates:

3pm to 5pm led by Jasmin or Jake, lead teachers at Bahia Yoga. £30 per single session.


Sunday 13 September – Functional Yoga

It’s not about how a posture looks, but how it feels. Aesthetics versus experience. This first session of the Sunday Series demystifies some key poses. You will receive guidance on how to find strength, stability and confidence in your daily practice. 


Sunday 4 October  – Yoga Philosophy 

Yoga for everyday living. Learn how ancient texts offer each of us guidance and support for mindful day to day living. Discover how the eight steps of yoga serve as a guideline to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.


Sunday 15 November – Yoga of Breathing 

How to breathe well – Practice simple breathing tips to help reduce stress levels. Discover how a regular practice of pranayama can aid better sleep and improve your mood. A practical session with techniques and tips to help develop good breathing habits.


Sunday 6 December – Mellow Meditation 

The mind will always wander and the attention always shifts! Welcome to Meditation. This informative session offers a guided practice, alongside guidance and tips on how to build a regular practice of meditation. 


Sunday 17 January 2021 – Letting Go!

Grab a comfy blanket! Learn the art of relaxation, from a comfy blanket to wearing loose clothing and unclenching the jaw. Learn the key steps to a deeper, nourishing and restorative Savasana practice. Just a few minutes in Savasana gives an automatic boost to the nervous system, and helps calm the mind and body.


Booking details

This series runs alongside our 60 hours Foundation Course, so numbers will be limited to three extra people per session. We suggest waiting each month to see if a spot comes available, we cannot guarantee every session will have spaces. Fees £30 per person. Please email to book, online details can be found here.


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