Yoga Inversions Workshop

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Yoga Inversions Workshop

10.30am to 1.30pm Saturday 21st September, 2019  

This ‘Yoga Inversions Workshop’ offers a kind and mindful way to learn how to invert (go upside down into yoga poses) safely and steadily. Learn alternatives to shoulder-stand and headstand, and the reasons why being upside down can be good for your body and mind. Expect a step by step approach – with key build up and cool downs poses to help warm the body and focus the mind. Understanding the therapeutic benefits and precautions for inversions. 

When you are nervous or don’t know how to step into something with ease and confidence, it’s often the fear factor of the unknown. Part of the morning will focus on bringing kindness in your approach. Including calmness for the breath, safety and support for the body, ease and steadiness for the mind.

Outline of the morning

  • Introduction to the benefits of being upside down, followed by warm up poses.
  • Understanding which poses help prepare key muscle groups.
  • Techniques, tips and guidance into shoulder-stand and headstand – plus alternatives. 
  • Refreshments and healthy home cooked special snack pots.
  • Ending with Discussions, Q&A, finishing with ‘Savasana and Meditation’.

Who can attend?

The yoga inversions workshops is ideal for students who are are generally fit and healthy. Whether you are ‘nearly’ ready to come into inversions, or new to the postures. Or are simply curious to find out more about being upside down*. If you are a regular practitioner of these poses, you will learn how to bring more depth and variety to your inversions. *This workshop is not suitable for beginner yoga students.

What if I can’t come into shoulder-stand or headstand pose just yet?

Then this workshop is ideal for you! Once you begin to understand the key muscle groups and what areas to warm up, you’re on your way.  You will learn to work safely with alternative movements. And gradually master yoga techniques to help you understand and practice the poses. It’s an explorative workshop, and you can pick up new tips and ideas to improve your skills.

What to expect:

  • Guidance on how prep for coming into and out of poses safely.
  • Self practice video with techniques on how to build confidence
  • Light refreshments and homemade healthy snack pots. 
  • Time for Q&A and discussions.
  • Individual guidance on what will work best for your practice. Plus the yoga behind the postures!

How to book

Please only book on this yoga inversions workshop if you know that you can attend. Note once you have booked a place, no credit transfer or refunds are available. Please bring along your own mat. Everything else, such as special equipment, refreshments and special snack pots are provided within the £45 fee.

Your teacher

Jasmin remembers only too well, how it took over 12 months of regular practice to build up into headstand posture safely and securely. She took her time to learn the pose and is confident to teach inversions for mixed levels of ability. Jasmin brings a balanced yoga approach, with a focus on asana, relevant anatomical tips, pranayama and mindful preparation in a calming, professional and caring environment.

Jasmin is the course director of the Bahia Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme.



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