New Year’s Day Yoga & Loving Kindness Meditation

by | Nov 26, 2017 | event

New Year’s Day Yoga & Loving Kindness Meditation

This ‘New Year’s Day Yoga & Loving Kindness Meditation’ session runs, Monday 1st January, 2018, from 6pm to 7.30pm –  it’s open to everyone. All levels of experience are welcome, including anyone new to Yoga or meditation. Tickets are £10 per person.

Meet up with like minded people for some simple, yet uplifting Yoga,  peppered with gentle challenges to help you unwind the body and release post christmas tensions. Modifications and variations will be offered to beginners and advanced practitioners. The physical Yoga will have a mindful flow, with strong poses, a steady pace accessible to each person. The Yoga will be led by Jasmin and will incorporate breathing techniques and relaxation to help quieten the body and mind for meditation.

The New Year’s  ‘Loving Kindness Meditation’ will be led by Jake, and will include setting some positive and kind intentions for the day. The practice of meditation will help to soothe and release the mind, and the session can also be enjoyed by beginners.

If you’d like to join us, please book your ticket in advance online and register your place. Alternatively you can arrange to pop into the studio and buy your ticket in person.

What is Loving Kindness Meditation?
This practice involves directing good wishes to others, in this meditation we are creating care and warmth towards others, this can be directed to people that we may already know, or people we don’t know. The simple practice of Loving Kindness Meditation is about opening the heart and learning to be kind. The practice will be guided by Jake and he will lead the session. Most people find this practice brings a sense of ease and sense of wellbeing to their thoughts and attitudes.

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