Yoga Updates for Autumn/Winter 2020


Yoga Updates for Autumn / Winter 2020  

Given the new restrictions that are coming in for Tier 3, we have some yoga updates for autumn/ winter 2020. We’ve decided to offer some creative new ways for you to access your class passes over this period and beyond.

As part of our yoga updates we will record our live sessions.  ⁠This means if you can’t attend the set time of the class you are booked onto, you can still register the usual way, and you’ll be sent a link to watch the class up to 48 hours after the class time. You might even like to do your class twice, once live and again with the recording.

The live recordings will be sent to everyone who’s registered for the class. As you now have the option to catch up on the recording if you miss a class, it won’t be possible to cancel classes once they are booked.

Class updates autumn/winter 2020 

We’re delighted to offer three new classes to the timetable. These are with Neda, who’s an experienced teacher specialising in yoga biomechanics. She’ll be teaching Vinyasa flow classes online on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Jasmin is also leading Monday’s Beginners Yoga & Meditation 12.30pm and Friday’s Lunchtime Yoga 12.30pm to 1.30pm. These classes  along with other sessions will continue in person (providing guidelines permit this) and online. During this period, and beyond autumn/ winter 2020 we will continue to follow social distancing guidelines, and have covid-safety measures in place.

We hope your yoga practice is a support in the midst of these challenging times and look forward to seeing you soon.

Bahia Yoga Team

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