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Sunday evening Yoga with Sam  6pm to 7pm

Sunday evening Yoga with Sam includes a steady paced Hatha yoga class focussing on alignment to safely build strength and flexibility. Incorporating breath-synchronised flowing movements. The Sunday evening class also includes pranayama (breathing techniques) and restorative Yoga poses.

This class also offers anatomical cues and philosophy input. Her goal is to help students gradually see an improvement not just in their physical body, but also with mental and emotional wellbeing. Sam is a Yoga enthusiast and loves the ideas that can be for everybody, no matter their age, level of physical fitness, flexibility and state of health. She offers classes that are the right level of challenge so that students can progress and deepen their practice at their own pace. Sam graduated at Bahia Yoga on our 200 hour Yoga teacher training programme.

Level 1 to 2 Yoga

The class is for level one to two students. You will find some intermediate and beginners poses to help vary your practice. Sam will  help you to work towards variations of poses, e.g. Pigeon (for stretching the glutes) or Bridge (for strengthening the back muscles). All the poses and sequenced to fit into a mindful flowing class, and will be accessible for all levels of practice.

Booking details

To book for this class – click this link here, which will take you to the go-team up booking page. The Sunday evening class runs 6pm to 7pm. If you are looking for a kind, helpful and insightful class this will suit your needs.

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